Share our Summer Conference Power Point Presentations!

Healthcare Justice Advocates

Healthcare Justice Advocates

The Campaign for a Healthy California sponsored a two-day Summer Conference on how to achieve Healthcare for everyone in California at UCLA on July 7-8. We promised participants access to our power point presentations through our CHC website, so here you go! Please download and share them with friends and communities. Thank you!

Get the presentations below:

  1. Labor’s Fight to Get Medicare for All
    Presenters, Reg Clark & Matthew Kogan
  2. Building a Health Care Justice Movement in Diverse Communities
    Presenter, Pablo Lopez
  3. “Demystifying the Costs of Single Payer Healthcare for Latino Immigrants”
    Presenter, Kyla Adams MPH(c), CHES
  4. Latinos in the United States and in California
    Presenter, Beatriz Sosa-Prado, M.S.(c)
  5. “Science of Framing Your Argument”
    Presenter, Molly Tavella, MPH
  6. Creative Concepts for Organizational Outreach & Beyond “The Choir”
    Presenters: Georgia Brewer, Sabina Virgo, Al Saavedra, and Luis South
  7. Improved Medicare for All for Beginners (Part A)
    Presenter, Bart Woolery
  8. Improved Medicare For All for Intermediate/Advanced (Part B)
    Presenter, Dr. Jeoff Gordon
  9. “Mini Speakers Training”
    Presenter, Molly Tavella, MPH
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