CHC Plays Leading Role in Ryan “Welcome”

Healthcare Justice Advocates

Healthcare Justice Advocates

By Judy Hess, CHC Regional Coordinator, Central Valley

Two weeks ago, we got word that Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan would be in Fresno September 8 for a campaign fundraising dinner.  The only details we had were that the dinner would range from $1,000. a plate to $25,000. to attend a private reception, but we quickly got to work to ready a “welcome” for him.

With Judy Hess, Regional Coordinator for the Central Valley, and Leader of the local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (Central Valley-Sierra Progressives), Howard Watkins of the Central Valley Progressive PAC (a PAC for local candidates),  CNA, CWA, CARA, the Progressive Network of Central California, OFA, the Madera County Democratic Party, and others mobilized to get out the troops!

Mitt Romney has adopted Paul Ryan’s plan, which means a functional end to ACA, Medicare (death by voucher), Social Security (senior’s money given to Wall Street), and gutting of Medicaid.

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  1. Way to go Judy! You are AWESOME. I am looking forward to working with you on PDA’s California Team. With our two thirds majority Democratic win in both the CA Assembly and Senate, we may finally have the votes needed to pass REAL UNIVERSAL Single-Payer Health Care for Californians. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I will be with you in this critical fight!

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