Who We Are

UntitledWelcome to the Campaign for a Healthy California!

Our Mission: To build and broaden a grassroots movement to replace private health insurance with guaranteed healthcare for all Californians.

We support a plan which would create a healthcare system that guarantees healthcare to all Californians.  This type of “Medicare for All” system will help solve California’s fiscal problems by controlling rising healthcare costs. Additionally, it would solve our healthcare crisis by providing comprehensive health benefits and ensuring choice of healthcare providers.

Every economic study or analysis on a single payer healthcare system concludes:

  1. Everyone is insured
  2. Lives are saved
  3. Quality is improved
  4. Money is saved.

No longer would there be 8 million Californians without health insurance, nor would we be subject to the waste, denials of care and restrictions on choice of health professionals and medical providers in the private insurance market.

Campaign for a Healthy California meets regularly. To find out about meetings in your area, contact info@healthycalifornia.org.

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4 Responses to Who We Are

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  2. Miguel Sanchez says:

    When is going to be SB810 on the senate floor?
    Who are the state senators that have voted against it?

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  4. Rita Mooney says:

    I am grateful for this organization, and look forward to freedom from the oppression caused by tyrannical insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

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